Hi! I'm Miranda

My name is Miranda Kramer, I'm a 29 years old freelance model based in Amsterdam.

I have over 10 years experience within the modelling industry, it's been my passion ever since I grew up. Personally, it corresponds to a way of expressing myself, meeting other creatives, inspiring each-other and create beautiful work together.

To be able to combine work and travelling is a situation I have always dreamed about. 

I love to go all over the world on the greatest adventures, connect with different cultures and learn from each other.

Since the day I met Fip it felt as this dream came true. Sharing my passion for the world and create inspiring content together is something I'm more then grateful for. 

Hey Guys! I'M Fip

I'm 25 years old living in Amsterdam with this puppy, currently working and studying within the hospitality industry. My future plans besides doing what I'm already doing is to organise festivals on a worldwide basis.

I've been travelling even before I can remember and so it became my biggest goal in life.

I can't even remember days that I didn't think and dream about exploring new places on the planet we call home.

And so now, I'm able to do all of this with the one true person that has conquered me!

Seems like thinks have worked out finally.


We are Two of a Mind. It all started from social media, just a few messages later we thought it could be a great idea to grab a drink or to have dinner together. And so, we had our first date at Panache in Amsterdam. 

Miranda left to Barcelona the day after and when she came back, Fip was waiting at the airport to pick her up. Haven forgotten her key she asked if she could stay at Fip's place. 

Ever since, a genuine love story begun.

We feel so grateful for what life has brought us, our paths crossing each other wasn't a matter of luck or accident. It was a matter of believing that after all the negative stuff we've both been through, something good will happen.

And here we are, a year later, living together, exploring together and sharing every bit of our lives together.